Hotel Management Courses in New York

hotel management courses in new york

Many people are interested in doing various courses in different fields. Hotel management course is
essential that doesn’t require much education. You can do the course at a limited price and earn
unlimited once you get an expert in it. If you are living in new york and are looking for the best hotel
management courses, then you are the right place. I am going to unfold a few universities from new york
that are offering this course. Let’s discuss them in detail:

Nassau Community College

hotel management courses in new york


The nassau community college situated in the usa. It was established in 1959 and is situated in east
garden city in nassau county, new york. It comprises of various departments, and among many
departments, there is a department of hospitality business where they also offer hotel management

It is considered one of the best colleges in new york, which has succeeded in making its place in the
world. If you also reside in new york and looking for hotel management courses, then it is a must-try.

 Culinary School of America


hotel management courses in new york

It is another best recommendation for all the people who are interested in doing the hotel management
course if you are in new york. The culinary school of america is an american private college that is
situated in hyde park, new york, and has many branches. It came into being in 1946 and has a
remarkable history. It’s popularity increased with time.
They are offering various courses for students, including the hotel management course. They have an
excellent reputation for providing excellent and quality based education. Studying hotel management
from this college is worth appreciating and worth considering.

New York University

hotel management courses in new york

You must have heard about the new york university that is popular across the globe. It originated a long
time ago in 1831, and today it has enhanced its campuses, faculties, teachers to a large extent. It is said
that it has more than 171 buildings or campuses everywhere. They are offering various degrees and
various courses to the students. People from all over the world come to new york to study from this
incredible university.
If you are looking for the hotel management courses, then york university is one of the best options that
has enhanced its popularity due to its quality based education. Isn’t it worth considering?

Mohawk Valley Community College

hotel management courses in new york

It is another option for the people of new york to study the course of hotel management. The mohawk
valley community college is situated in oneida county, new york. It was established in 1946 and is
affiliated with various notable colleges. It is presenting various courses for everyone and out of all the
courses, hotel management is also the one. They are leading this college for a long time with excellent

Niagara University


hotel management courses in new york

It is a private catholic university that is based in new york and is one of the leading universities in the
usa. It came into being in 1856 that also got an honor of being ranked at number 44 by us news and
world record. They also got the recognition of best university by a finance brand, ‘money magazine.’ they
are also offering the hotel management course where you will get an opportunity to learn a lot under the
supervision of their talented and remarkable professors.

Final Thoughts

I have mentioned a few best universities/colleges of new york who are offering this valuable hotel
management course. You may choose any of them if you are interested in the course. I hope you will
find this article helpful.
Thank you

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