Best Auto Insurance For College Graduates

best auto insurance for college graduates

Car insurance seems even more cumbersome on the pockets when you have high premiums, are young, and broke. But for the young college-going students, most of the insurance providing companies give a ton of cut downs on the payments. 

You might be wondering what factors are responsible for getting a car insurance policy. Apart from many other factors and procedures, such as vehicle and location, a few noticeable determinants which affect the procedure of the issuance of car insurance are: 

  • How good a college student’s grades are?
  • Does he/she drive safely and follow all the safety regulations? 
  • If they own a car? 

If we meet these conditions, then the process becomes a lot easier than expected.

best auto insurance for college graduates

Many times it is a much better option to stick with the current insurance provider. Most often, you hang up with the same old insurer and ask him what possible changes might occur to the current premiums and policies, in a case where your kids become eligible for attending the college. Mostly these companies will offer you some student discounts, which are not widely advertised so that very fewer people get to know about them and the company may keep getting the maximum profits. Keep hunting for different insurance companies and get the quotes from the, Make a comparison between the prices and the benefits and analyze which policy is most well suited to you, your college-going child, or a teenage family member.

Below is a list of best auto insurance for college graduates. 

Metromile: Metromile is a distinct system to pay for car insurance. You only have to pay for the distance you covered and the millage you use but nothing else.


best auto insurance for college graduates

Sixty-five percent of drivers pay far more to support high mileage drivers. Metromile claims that their clients save up to five-hundred dollars on average per annum. But other insurance companies charge more, and they leave no room for any savings. The customers have to pay a monthly fee and some charges for each mile they cover. Although the per-mile cost is quite less, it’s only a few cents which are worth nothing as compared to the money other companies charge. Their fee is thirty dollars, and they charges per mile are 3.2 cents. For instance, if you’re a college student and the monthly mileage is 200 miles, then the total monthly expense would be $36.40 approximately. Metromile Pulse is a tracker with a monitor screen, and it is installed into your car to keep track of how many miles you cover each month. You only need to connect this tracker to the application.

State Farm: State Farm offers many ways to get payment cut downs on vehicle insurance for a college student. The first policy is the Steer Clear Safe Driver Program. In this online course, which is available at your computer or on a mobile app, you can receive up to fifteen per cent discount on your car insurance premium. You can avail the discount once you completed this online course. The program is an engaging method to teach young individuals to drive safely. 

best auto insurance for college graduates

The second method through which the college students can save is through getting their hands down on the Good Student Discount. Such high achieving college students who meet definite least grading requirements are eligible to receive up to twenty-five per cent discount on the total insurance rate.

Esurance: Itis another really good insurance provider for students. It offers a ten per cent compensation in the total costs of insurance to those students who score well in their academics, and they maintain a CGPA of 3.0 per semester. The eligibility criterion for getting this insurance is quite simple. It requires you to be at least twenty-five years old, and you must be a full-time student. This means that you should not be working on either part-time o full-time jobs. As a good gesture, this company extends the discount even after one year of you passing out of the college or university. The price deduction is available for collision, medical payments, and liability coverage.

best auto insurance for college graduates


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